During a recent livestream, famous streamer Kai Cenat eagerly revealed that he had received a text message from Nicki Minaj, hinting at the possibility of her joining him as a guest on Twitch.

On Monday (May 8), Kai Cenat, whose Twitch livestreams are known for being filled with comedy and star-studded guests, recently made a big announcement during one of his streams. He made hints that Nicki Minaj could potentially be the next big name to join him on the platform. In a video circulating online that you can watch below, Kai Cenat can be seen wearing a camouflage Chrome Hearts hat as he jumps out of his chair and runs around his room, screaming, "Nicki just text me!"

His enthusiasm continued throughout the video as he screams, “Everybody shut the f***k up! Shut up, shut up! Nicki!” As Cenat paces back and forth in his room, he then eagerly reads a text message out loud directly from his phone, saying, "Hi, Kai. Where do you shoot your show? Are you in New York right now?” Cenat then begins to jump up and down, shouting out the word “No” as he drops to his knees before getting back up to read the rest of the text message.

Cenat then says, “OK, wait,” then continues to read the text, stating, “Are things good with you and Twitch?” He then reacts to that text message out loud, screaming, “Oh f**k,” while propping his chair back up that he knocked over. Overwhelmed with the moment, he gathers himself and quickly goes back to hollering out, “Wait, oh s**t."

His Twitch livestreams have previously featured several notable artists such as 21 Savage, Lil Yachty and G Herbo, among others, making appearances. He has cemented himself in the livestream gaming world for attracting big names to his platform.

According to a report by BBC on April 18, despite setting a record for the most subscriptions on Twitch in March, Kai Cenat's channel is currently listed as "temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch's terms of service."

You can watch Kai Cenat's reaction to the news of the possibility of Nicki Minaj joining his livestream in the video below.

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