G Herbo and Kai Cenat lost their minds and screamed in pure shock after a magician exploded a glass pitcher and performed other impossible magic tricks right in front of their eyes.

On Monday (Feb. 28), G Herbo joined popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat for a lengthy livestream that included Herbo previewing unreleased music, Kai teaching the rapper how to "get sturdy" and the rapper even trying a birth simulator set to its highest power. But one of the most intriguing and hilarious aspects of the hours-long streaming session is when a magician unleashed a series of magic tricks that caused both G Herbo and Kai Cenat to have some downright visceral reactions.

In the video posted below, self-described illusionist and mind hacker Max Major spent 50 minutes blowing the minds of G Herbo and Kai Cenat by doing a round of hypnosis, eating and swallowing shards of glass and accurately predicting what Herbo Googled without even a glimpse of the Chicago rapper's phone.

However, of all the jaw-dropping illusions Max Major had up his sleeve for Herbo and Kai, there was one in particular that had the duo screaming their heads off in amazement. At one point around the 26:00-mark in the video, Kai Cenat approaches the magician with the same large glass pitcher from which Major previously poured himself a glass of water to wash down the broken remains of a chewed lightbulb.

With G Herbo and the famed internet personality anxiously awaiting what was about to happen next, Max Major hovers his hands over the pitcher while Kai dutifully holds it out. In a matter of seconds, the thick glass of the pitcher explodes right in Cenat's hands resulting in pure pandemonium.

Everyone in the room during the impossible feat begins running in every direction screaming "What the fuck?" over and over again before G Herbo ultimately embraces Kai Cenat in complete disbelief at what they had just witnessed.

"What did this nigga just do, gang?" cried G Herbo as he clutches Kai Cenat's arms. "What the fuck he just do? Get this nigga the fuck out this office."

G Herbo and Kai Cenat's hysterical reactions to Max Major's stunning set of illusions come as part of the Twitch streamer's "Marathon," which finds Kai live streaming non-stop for 30 straight days. According to Gamerant, G Herbo's appearance during "Mafiathon" pushed Kai to a record-breaking 272,617 Twitch subscribers, far surpassing the previous record of 269,154 subscribers.

See G Herbo and Kai Cenat Witness Max Major Do Impossible Magic Tricks Below

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