UNDATED (WJON News) -- The Minnesota D-N-R's EagleCam is turning on Thursday about seven months after the large nest fell out of the tree due to heavy snow.

Wildlife information officer Lori Naumann says the resident pair have been seen recently at the old nest location:

"We hope that they do certainly build a new nest but it just all means that we won't have a camera on their nest this season. If they were to build a nest in a nearby tree and we couldn't see it with the camera that's already up, we can't disturb them.'

Naumann says they discovered a new nest about a half mile away that is believed to have been built by the pair.

Naumann says they will keep the camera on rotation and show eagle habitat and other wildlife:

"We will be watching it and operating it ourselves from time to time as well. So hopefully that means if we do catch one of the birds in the area we can zoom in and focus on it and take a closer look and kind of peak and see what they're doing."

Naumann says they are looking at other existing nests for possible EagleCam locations for next season.

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The old two-thousand-pound nest fell out of the tree during a blizzard in April, killing one chick.

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