The Green Bay Packers may have lost a lot of their star power with the departure of future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers, but the NFL Schedule makers haven't taken notice.

The Packers, along with the rest of the league, learned of their complete schedule last night for the 2023 season, and it's safe to say that they'll be given an opportunity to shine under the bright lights.

The Packers will have a total of 5 primetime games, and 6 'stand alone' games, games in which the team is playing in the only game on television at the time, a.k.a Thanksgiving.

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The Packers will make their long-awaited return to Thanksgiving football, as they make the trip to Detroit, and will also have primetime games in Week 4 (vs. Lions, Thursday Night Football), Week 5 (@ Raiders, Monday Night Football), Week 13 (vs. Chiefs, Sunday Night Football), Week 14 (@ New York Giants, Monday Night Football), and Week 17 (@ Vikings, Sunday Night Football, New Years Eve).

Here is the entirety of the Packers schedule for 2023:


1Sun, Sep 103:25 PM
Tickets as low as $235 
2Sun, Sep 1712:00 PM
Tickets as low as $95 
3Sun, Sep 2412:00 PM
Tickets as low as $192 
4Thu, Sep 287:15 PM
Tickets as low as $199 
5Mon, Oct 97:15 PM

Tickets as low as $341 
7Sun, Oct 223:25 PM
Tickets as low as $140 
8Sun, Oct 2912:00 PM
Tickets as low as $222 
9Sun, Nov 512:00 PM
Tickets as low as $161 
10Sun, Nov 1212:00 PM
Tickets as low as $119 
11Sun, Nov 1912:00 PM
Tickets as low as $170 
12Thu, Nov 2311:30 AM
Tickets as low as $123 
13Sun, Dec 37:20 PM
Tickets as low as $231 
14Mon, Dec 117:15 PM

Tickets as low as $87 
15Sun, Dec 1712:00 PM
Tickets as low as $137 
16Sun, Dec 2412:00 PM
Tickets as low as $71 
17Sun, Dec 317:20 PM
Tickets as low as $105 
18Sun, Jan 7TBDTickets as low as $171 

Opening the season against the rival Chicago Bears on the road isn't the easiest task for a first-time starter, but we will know right out of the gate the caliber of player that Jordan Love can be under pressure.

It's not the world's hardest schedule, which will give Packers fans everywhere hope that the team might not have the record of a 'rebuilding' team after all.

Source: Green Bay Packers ESPN

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