There has been a lot of talk about UFOs lately. It started with the downing of a Chinese spy balloon and then 3 other unidentified objects over Alaska, Michigan, and Canada. We may never find out what they are as the government has a history of keeping secrets.

However - and this is just for fun - where would you go if there was a real alien invasion?

The Best Places to Hide in Sioux Falls During Alien Invasion

1. Is that revolving restaurant still on top of the downtown Sioux Falls Holiday Inn? If so, the aliens may think it's their mother ship. So stay low. Like in the lobby.

2. The Scheel's gun department. Hey, I know there's a lot of talk about guns these days but if a grey is staring me down I'd like a scary looking weapon. With a clippy thing in it.

3. Walmart. If aliens are indeed looking for intelligent life on earth we're pretty safe here.

4. Anywhere but Mayor Ten Haken's house. If they ask to see our leader you want to be on the other side of town.

5. If we learned anything from the movie Signs, aliens like old houses by cornfields. No alien movie has ever been made about a new house by a beanfield.

6. Wild Water West. Aliens don't like water. Wait...or is that a Gremlin?

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For each state, we’ve also included details of famous UFO sightings in that state. Of note is that almost three-quarters of all UFO sighting reports in the United States occur between 4 p.m. and midnight, and tend to peak between 9 and 10 p.m. Food for thought next time you're out scoping for alien life. Keep reading to see which states have had the most UFO sightings.
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