Got a new puppy? Great! Get ready for a whole heap of patience while training and pray for a decent night's sleep. Experience talking here. We are a proud family of St. Bernard owners. Their names are Samson and Gracie. (Pictured above) Good dogs but a ton of work.

Dogs are family so it makes sense into giving the name some thought. The writers and number-crunchers at Trupanion pored through nearly 800,000 dog names in their massive database to find the most popular dog names for this year. Here are the top 10:

  1. Luna
  2. Charlie
  3. Bella
  4. Daisy
  5. Lucy
  6. Milo
  7. Cooper
  8. Bailey
  9. Teddy
  10. Coco

And one more (March 23) is National Puppy Day, so give your furry friend a few extra belly rubs today. National Puppy Day began when author Collen Paige (who also helped to establish National Dog Day) wanted to raise awareness for puppy adoption from shelters and rescue organization.

In honor of National Puppy Day, here's a link to the Sioux Falls Humane Society. Check it out and you may help a new puppy find a forever home.

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