Goodwill is a great place to drop off donations and help a few folks who could benefit. However, there are some items that Goodwill does not accept. Here's 20 of them:

1. Personal Care Items: combs, hairbrushes, toothpaste, etc.

2. Appliances: washers/dryers or that 600 lb. beast of a TV we watched Archie Bunker on.

3. Encyclopedias: That World Britannica A - Z we got from a traveling salesman when we were kids.

4. Antifreeze or motor oil: Anything considered hazardous waste.

5. Aerosol cans: toss the AquaNet hairspray already.

6: Your mattress or waterbed: People have tried but a big 'no' on this one.

7. Console stereo - IF over 4 feet long: That behemoth of a Zenith will have to find another home.

8. Car seats

9. Fluorescent light bulbs

10. Your boat

11. Truck or auto: really any mode of transportation

12. Fire extinguisher

13. The backyard swing set

14: Chain link fence

15: Copy machines

16: Railroad ties!

17: Your old telephone

18. Weapons: guns, bow and arrow, pocketknives, etc.

19. Gutters and downspouts

20, Air conditioners or furnaces

There are more detailed lists at the official Goodwill website. It could save you a trip when doing that early spring cleaning.

Remember, if you drop any of these items off after hours at Goodwill, they have to pay
expensive removal fees which takes funding away from mission programming. So let's play nice. If you're unsure, call ahead to save a headache.

Goodwill of the Great Planes in Sioux Falls:

  • 4701 E 41st St.
  • 3400 S Norton Ave.
  • 120 N Kiwanis Ave

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