We've all stayed at hotels that were less than satisfactory.

A few instances in my travel experience include a Travelodge in Spearfish that was undergoing renovations. It was so loud we couldn't hear each other speak. And the bar? They didn't have one as advertised in the hotel features. Instead the desk clerk handed us a Bud Light when we asked where the bar was. Another was a hotel in Newark, New Jersey that had such a bad smell we had no choice but to ask for another room. The next morning, a forensics team was in that room with yellow police tape a around it!

We've all had bad experiences during hotel stays. But what are the "hotel deal-breakers?" These are instances so bad that you'll never stay in that brand again. The folks at Vacationer.com conducted a survey on hotel deal-breakers. Here's the results:

Bed bugs
Foul odors
Finding a camera
Stained sheets
Unwanted critter (such as snake or cockroach)
No locks or broken locks
Broken plumbing
Hearing gunshots
Bad neighborhood
Rude staff
Hidden resort fees
Suspicious acting guests
Partying or loud behavior from guests. Ooh, they would have loved the Sioux Falls downtown Holiday Inn during St. Patrick's weekend in the 80s and 90s!
Seeing a ghost or sensing the hotel is haunted
Online pictures aren’t accurate
No bible in the side table

Can you relate to any of these? Here's to better stays in 2023!

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