A recent survey from CableTV.com found out that 87% of people have a favorite "comfort" TV show. It determined that the top three comfort favorites were, "Friends", "The Office" and "Star Trek".

It also found that 71% of people prefer a partner who shares the same favorite "comfort" TV show.

To me, a "comfort" TV show is one that you've watched numerous times and know exactly what is going to happen next, or, one that brings back memories, something you can have on in the background, or when you're going to sleep, or when life is kind of bumpy.

It might be a show you watched as a kid or one your parents watched when you were a child and it sunk into your consciousness and makes you feel comforted by it now.

We asked our listeners in Sioux Falls what their favorite "comfort" TV shows were and these were just a few of their choices.

Angela Winstead - Lately, it's been "Everybody Loves Raymond". I can't believe half the stuff they aired on TV in the 90s, absolutely hilarious!

Krystine Reavis - "Bones", the older "NCIS", and "Criminal Minds". I like shows that make me think, but tell me the answer, in case I don't want to.

Cathy Bakker - Any Food Network show, really.

Nicole Moeller - "America's Test Kitchen"

Sheena Thomas - "Futurama". It is my fall-asleep show every night. I've seen the episodes many, many times and it still makes me giggle. Happy that it's coming back this year.

Brittany Ann - "Young Sheldon" and "Law & Order SVU" - always enjoy some Mariska Hargitay.

Dixie Dela Tran - "Perry Mason" every night on METV. Kinda weird, I know!

Karmen Bakeberg Wiesinger - "The Waltons". Just something about that show takes me back to my childhood when my parents watched it.

Laurie Townsend - I love the old "Rosanne" from the 80s, and "Home Improvement". They make me laugh and bring back great memories.

Wendy Williamson McDonnel - "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Mike and Molly", and "Big Bang Theory". All require lots of laughter and no thinking.

Kendra Franklin Karbowski - "Carol Burnett Show" is still my favorite - it's great "to have a laugh or two!" Also love "Stargate: Atlantis" with great characters & Jason Momoa!

Kathy Knobloch - Anything HGTV!

Jennifer Case - "That 70s Show"

Lisa Machmiller - "The Monkees", "Dark Shadows", or "The Patridge Family" because these were the three TV programs that I grew up on. Also, the cartoon called "Speed Racer".

Tami J Miller - I will watch crime drama or murder mystery all day long and fall asleep to it, and have it playing while I am sleeping. Love those shows.

Judy Elbers - I love "Seinfeld"...a show about nothing, but so entertaining.

Gene Young - For me, it was, and is, "Psych" because it is simply fun, funny and all wrapped in a riddle or a mystery!

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