Sioux Falls has an event happening this weekend that is tailor-made for little kids and big kids alike here in the Sioux Empire.

It's "SiouxperCon 2023."

The 3-day event is back for its 8th year here in the Sioux Empire starting today through Sunday (October 1) at the Sioux Falls Arena and Convention Center.

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As Dakota News Now reports, SiouxperCom is designed to showcase all things pop culture, by helping to bring together celebrity guests, artists, vendors, cosplay, and fandom in one setting.

Jason Weihs with the SiouxperCon Board of Directors told Dakota News Now, that those attending Siouxpercon this weekend can expect to see over 10,000 people pack this 3-day event that is loaded with celebrities, action figures, legos, costumes, cosplay, video-gaming, panel discussions, a wide variety of fun things to do for every little and big kid at heart, regardless of your age.

The event has grown so much this year, that SiouxperCom will not only be inside the Convention Center, but it has also expanded to the Sioux Falls Arena.

Over 100 vendors will be inside just the main hall of the event itself! There's also an artist alley this year, where a bunch of local artists will be showing off their work, along with a wrestling event on Friday night, and a burlesque after-dark event for the bigger kids that starts after the main event closes on Saturday night.

Sunday will be the Dakota News Now "Family Fun Day" at SiouxperCon. Make sure to get there right away, as one thousand graphic novels will be given away on Sunday at noon. There'll be all sorts of fun things for the entire family to do that day.

Some of the guests at SiouxperCon this year include Sean Gunn from the Marvel Universe, the voice of Winnie the Pooh, Jim Cummings, Adrian Paul, star of the Highlander TV series, Veronica Taylor, best known as being the voice of Ash, and May on “Pokemon", and that's just the start of a long list of guests and celebrities appearing all weekend at SiouxperCon 2023.

The whole thing gets underway on Friday (September 29) at 2:00 PM and concludes on Sunday (October 1) at 5:00 PM.

You can find all the details and SiouxperCon ticket information here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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