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Sioux Empire Festivals You Must Attend This Summer

In South Dakota, we only get good weather maybe six months out of the year, so when summer rolls around, I'm ready to squeeze into my slightly snug capris, slather on the SPF 100 sunblock (fair skin and freckles), and head out to find some fun.

Almost every South Dakota town with a population of over 100 has a summer celebration. I challenge you to explore as many as you can this summer.

If meat-on-a-stick, street dances, and parades are your thing, we have a list of several area fairs and festivals you need to check out.

(Time, Dates, and Events are all subject to change)

32 Things to Do in Sioux Falls This Summer That Are Absolutely Free!

Sure, there are tons of things to do in the Sioux Empire every summer, but if your entertainment budget is small (or zero), we have the solution - actually, we have lots of solutions.

Here is a list of family-friendly (and some, just adult-friendly) events happening this summer in the Sioux Falls area that you should check out. Oh, the best part, everything on this list is FREE.

Weirdest Tourist Traps Even the Locals Love in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa

I don't know if everyone will agree with the writers at Thrillist Travelabout which tourist attractions are the weirdest in the tri-state area.

I mean there are so many strange things to see when you travel. From giant pheasants and fish to giant balls of twine, there's no shortage of kooky, kitsch in the tri-state area.

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