Our rainy summer weather is not only having an impact on area farmers and local gardeners but many businesses in Mitchell, Canton, and Tea are dealing with the onslaught of just too much water. And now it is even affecting a waterpark.

Wild Water West is reporting that due to significant flooding they will not be opening today. Their Facebook page indicates that they will be working hard trying to get the park open again.

Pigeon 605 is reporting that as of 9:30 Friday (6/21) these Sioux Falls parks are also closed:

  • Cherry Rock
  • Farm Field
  • Family
  • Legacy
  • Pasley
  • Rotary
  • Spencer
  • Tuthill
  • Yankton Trail

Apparently, there are sections of the recreation trail that are also closed and they are marked with barricades.

Sioux Falls residents are being asked to just stay out of flooded areas.

You can stay on top of Sioux Falls' happenings by getting your own pigeon from Pigeon 605.

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Before we get to the top 5, here's an honorable mention that's a bit surprising:

20) New York City: Sioux Falls gained 83 new residents in the latest census, according to Stacker.

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