More and more it seems like the dream of home ownership is moving out of reach for a lot of people. New studies are coming out indicating that renting is still cheaper than trying to own a home.

According to a new report from Stacker (a news and lifestyle website), high mortgage rates are also keeping people in homes they might otherwise move out of in order to up or down-size or even take a different job.

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Home values are determined by location, size, age, and condition and of course, some cities are significantly more expensive than others to own a home.

Stacker gathered up information from Zillow and put together the list of the most expensive homes in South Dakota. These cities are also listed with the metro area they are closest to.

Here are the Top 10 cities with the most expensive homes in South Dakota:

  1. Keystone - Typical home value - $579,718 - Metro area/Rapid City
  2. Henry - Typical home value - $549, 797 - Metro area/Watertown
  3. Castlewood - Typical home value - $491,505 - Metro area/Watertown
  4. Hermosa - Typical home value - $481,744 - Metro area/Rapid City
  5. Wentworth - Typical home value - $459,633 -Not associated with a metro area
  6. Hill City - Typical home value - $457,720 - Metro area/Rapid City
  7. Custer - Typical home value - $433,624 - Metro area/Rapid City
  8. Spearfish - Typical home value - $429,544 - Metro area/Spearfish
  9. Goodwin - Typical home value - $426,538 -Metro area/Watertown
  10. Chancellor - Typical home value - $418,347 - Metro area/Sioux Falls

These home values were from the Zillow Home Values Index as of March 2024. Check out the rest of this interesting report at Stacker.

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Sources: Stacker and Marketwatch

Seven Mind-Blowing Wonders' of South Dakota

I think most of us have at least heard of the "Seven Wonders of the Modern World." We might not be able to rattle them off as easily as McDonald's value menu items, but chances are you've heard of at least some of them, right?

There's the Great Wall of ChinaChichén Itzá, a Mayan City on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The ancient city of Petra, in Jordan. Machu Picchu in Peru. Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro. The Colosseum in Rome, and finally, the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

Every state in the nation is known for having a series of natural wonders and signature landmarks. So, I thought I would come up with my own list of the "Seven Wonders of South Dakota."

The following is what I consider to be the signature landmarks, monuments, and natural wonders that are synonymous with the great state of South Dakota. I tried to give both sides of the state a little love while comprising this list.

You might have a few additions...
Let's get started. The Seven Wonders of South Dakota:

Iconic Sioux Falls: Phillips Avenue Diner, a Downtown Gem

Gallery Credit: Karla Brown

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