This tiny Iowa town just might have the best Christmas Tree in the entire Hawkeye State.

It's a sight that's even more remarkable to see in person than in the pictures. With over 80,000 lights, this tree illuminates the night sky in a truly memorizing way.

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Credit: Iowa Road Trip via YouTube
Credit: Iowa Road Trip via YouTube

According to the Iowa Road Trip Website, the tradition of lighting the tree has been going on for around ten years now, and originally started with 14,000 lights, but has gradually expanded since.

You can find this one-of-a-kind Christmas Tree in tiny Hanlontown, Iowa, population 206.

Where is tiny Hanlontown anyway? You can find it off of Interstate 35, a few miles south of the Minnesota border and around a twenty-minute drive from Mason City, Iowa.

According to its website, Hanlontown might seem a little off the beaten path, but that's the way they like it.

The convenience of modern highways caused many local businesses to move or close. What remains however is a nice place to live, with the Iowa communities of Mason City , Clear Lake, Forest City, Manly, and Minnesota community of Albert Lee all a half hour or less away.

Is this the end of the rainbow? No, it isn't. It just seems that way to many of us living here.

-Hanlontown Website

To see a video of the tree itself, check out the YouTube video below.

Story Source: Iowa Road Trip Website, Hanlontown Website

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