There has been a lot of excitement at the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls. Not only are the zoo keepers getting ready for summertime weather with their animal friends, but also with new babies to add to the growing zoo family!

Besides new lions coming to the Great Plains Zoo, there are new penguin friends to meet. They are too adorable to pass up.

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In honor of all mothers this past Mother's Day, the Great Plains Zoo shared some new pictures of sweet baby penguins. I've talked about Pippa the Penguin becoming a mother before. However, Pippa is one of the most caring mothers at the Great Plains Zoo because she helped a little chick that was not her own thrive.

Recently, Pippa helped foster a little chick named Sammy. This new baby was alone until Pippa stepped up to help this cute baby penguin start a brave new life. Pippa's nature and motherhood extremely moved the staff at the Sioux Falls Great Plains Zoo.

As a mom, Pippa is nurturing, protective, and intuitive. She knows exactly when her chicks are ready to learn to swim and become more independent.

It's clear that Pippa has a special gift with new baby penguins in the colony at the Great Plains Zoo.

Humboldt penguins like Pippa are considered to be a "vulnerable species.' So it's truly wonderful to have these amazing animals at the Great Plains Zoo!

You're a great mama, Pippa!

South Dakota's Snakes: A Local Guide to Identifying and Understanding Our Slithering Neighbors!"

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