A man is now being labeled as a bad husband after he bombarded his wife with their children right as she was about to finish a marathon.

In a video posted to TikTok by the user @sinomar_reporter on May 5, the video shows moments before the wife finishes her half-marathon in Presidente Prudente, São Paulo. As the clip goes on, the man can be seen leading their little girls onto the pavement where his wife was running.

However, the mother decides to run around the children and finishes the race on her own without them by her side.

After she crosses the finish line, the mother who is dressed in all black, screams with excitement over what she just achieved.

In the background of the video, the man appears to be confused as to why his wife brushed off their children to finish the race. He can even be seen shrugging at someone.

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People in the comments section of the post criticized the husband for his actions, with many of them pointing to the fact that he took away from his wife's achievement.

"He acting confused is WIIIIILD," one user commented.

"WE’RE MORE THAN MOTHERS!" shared another person.

"I know he started an argument about that later," someone else suggested.

"This is a reallllly good example of the subtle way that some husbands treat their wives serious commitments outside of family life, like a joke or not serious, or just “'or fun,' a person said.

"He’s trying to remind her that him and the kids is all that matters. No matter how much she accomplished. And I’m glad she chose herself!" a separate TikTok user added.

"How did that make sense to him? She’s about to finish, someone’s behind her, she’s being timed…wait like 30 more seconds..wasn’t that obvious?" questioned another.

The video has since been viewed over 11 million times.

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