The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has announced that a 505-acre lake is now open to unlimited fishing into next year as they look to reset the ecosystem of the lake by lowering its water levels.

The unlimited fishing policy will allow anglers to harvest fish that would likely not survive the upcoming winter during the low water conditions.

On Which Lake Is There Unlimted Fishing?

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has opened Clear Lake in Sibley County to unlimited fishing.

The DNR says that as a part of a project to improve fish and wildlife habitat on Clear Lake, it will begin to lower the lake’s water levels as the lake has been overwhelmed by large populations of common carp, causing turbid water and impeding aquatic plant growth. The lowered water levels mimic a drought, which can act as a natural “reset” to an ecosystem.

The plans call for lowering water levels by about 4 feet to create conditions for winterkill and reduce common carp populations. The drawdown will also allow sediments to consolidate, which will allow new growth of submergent and emergent vegetation.

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The drawdown will occur throughout the open water season of 2024 and unlimited fishing on Clear Lake will be in effect through February 23, 2025.

Once water quality is improved, the Minnesota DNR will stock walleye, northern pike, yellow perch, and bluegill in Clear Lake.

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What Are The Rules For Taking Fish From Lakes Opened To Unlimited Fishing?

According to the DNR, there are rules that all anglers must follow when on an unlimited fishing lake, which include:

  • The lakes may only be opened to unlimited fishing for a short period. So check the dates on posted signs or in local newspapers.
  • You are required to have a resident angling license to take fish on liberalized lakes.
  • You may take fish in any quantity only for personal use from lakes opened to liberalized fishing.
  • You may not transfer live fish or fish eggs from one body of water to another.
  • All fish packaged that are possessed by liberalized fishing must be identified by lake location and date taken.
  • You may sell rough fish.
  • You may take fish by dipnet, spear, gillnet, or angling (check each lake at the access site, gillnets may not be allowed at all lakes).
  • You may not use seines, hoop nets, fyke nets, or explosives to take fish.
  • All trespass laws are in effect and you should abide by them when accessing lakes.
  • Do not leave any trash or litter on the lakes and take home all fish that are caught.

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Remember, unlimited fishing on Clear Lake will be in effect through February 23, 2025.

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