Is Nick Perry the most overpaid player on the Green Bay Packers roster?

According to a recent Bleacher Report article, indeed Nick Perry is the most overpaid player on the Packers roster.

The outside linebacker is the fourth highest paid player on the team, making $43 million over the next three years.

His stats haven't added up to the big pay though as he has been less than dominant since signing his big deal.

Since 2017, he has only played in 21 games and tallied just 8.5 sacks.

These numbers were certainly not what the Green Bay Packers thought they would be getting when they signed Perry to the extension and it isn't their fault.

More so, it's Perry's fault who has continued to find himself injured and even when not injured he hasn't been the same player he was prior to being paid.

With a new head coach and a renewed desire to win now, the Packers would do themselves a favor by trying to get out of this deal sooner than later.


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