Deep in the heart of winter, bundling up is a daily occurrence and if you're like me, multiple layers seem to be the only way warm.  Here is something I'm really starting to notice at this point in the winter: people who don't wash their winter coats.

Just think about the number of hours you've had it on, from your house to work, shopping, driving, and all of those times you were a little chilly and left it on for awhile even when you were indoors.  Between crumbs spilled on your coat, cologne or perfume daily for several weeks, and the time you got a little sweaty while shoveling, seriously, it's time to freshen that thing up and relieve those who closely interact with you.

According to Glamour magazine, they suggest you wash your coat, scarves and hats every few weeks.  I wash mine every other week at least.

Follow the directions on the label, but if you haven't already, the time has come, please wash or dry clean your winter coat.

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