I always joked that if I managed to get a hole in one on a golf course that I would immediately walk off the course and retire. One of those things didn't happen.

The chances of getting a hole in one according to a quick Google search is 1 in 12,500. Somehow, someway, I am now part of that crazy statistic.

This past Sunday, I went and played a normal round of golf with my uncle that was visiting from Pennsylvania, my step-dad, and my brother. We played in Brandon on what was a beautiful day.

It was a different round of golf though for me. For many years I have been playing with a set of Cobra golf clubs that were given to me by my dad. They were fitted for him, and he is a little shorter than me, and the clubs are over 10 years old. I finally splurged and bought myself a custom fitted hybrid/iron set of Cobras from Austad's Golf here in Sioux Falls. This was my first round of golf with my brand new clubs (and yes, I was worried about getting them dirty).

I stepped up to hole four at the Brandon Golf Course. It's a par-3 162 yard hole from the white tees. I surveyed the distance and decided to play it with my new 6-iron. Using my NIKE ball, which was given to me at the SDSU Cheerleaders Golf Tournament a week prior, I set up hoping to just put the ball on the green. This would be the first time that I ever took a swing of my 6-iron.

Jerry Palleschi/Townsquare Media

The ball went gliding in the air, somehow straight, and we immediately thought it was going way over the green. It took a quick, sharp turn down and hit six feet in front of the pin.

Then it rolled.

And rolled.

It felt like watching a slow motion scene in a movie.

Magically, it disappeared.

My new 6-iron was dropped to the ground as I immediately freaked out. Not only did I have my witnesses with me, but the beverage cart lady was sitting right behind the green waiting for us. I was shaking uncontrollably and couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that I just hit a hole in one.

I hit a hole in one using a club that I never took a swing of before. What in the world?

The round continued for us as we were only on hole five. I went on to triple bogey the next hole...but what did it matter at this point?

I'm a 1 in 12,500 golfer that is a hypocrite for not walking off the course and retiring immediately. There's no way I can actually retire...I just got my new clubs!

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