I'm freezing probably 97.8% of the time. In the Summer, the office AC is cranked and in the winter, it's just cold. I mean, I live in South Dakota. One of the forecasted highs next week is a negative number. Why do I live here again?

So, these USB heated gloves are a game changer for me! Plus, they are super affordable. We all know I love a good deal.

A company called Livoty offers these USB powered gloves for less than $5!

And thanks to Amazon, they can be on your doorstep right quick.

The gloves are offered in three different color schemes, so they can match your office decor.

Also, the gloves are fingerless so you can still type and text and do all that important work stuff.

The gloves plug in to a standard USB port and the warming pad inside the gloves keeps your hands toasty and warm!

Why didn't I think of this?




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