Darla Colinet is a domestic violence survivor who was married to an abusive husband for 13 years. One incident in particular stands out!

“My husband called me some bad names and I finally stood up for myself. After this happened I walked into the kitchen and I was crying .He got behind me and put his hands on my throat and held a gun against me. The man I married threatened to kill me if I ever if I ever left him. At the age of 18 what do you do with that?”

At one point, Darla waited for her husband to come home with a shotgun in her hand. Fortunately, he did not come home at the time and she fled to two different safe homes and out of state after her husband sent people to find her.

Darla, who eventually divorced her husband, offers this hard earned advice for victims of domestic violence.

“In this day and age---we have access to so much information and resources to help those of us involved in abusive relationships. You are not alone. If you are a believer and even if you’re not, this is not the way marriage and love are designed to be for someone to hurt you and take advantage of you.”

Now happily married to a man who treats her with respect and kindness, Darla Colinet is no longer a victim of domestic violence. She is a survivor who has a powerful story of hope to share!

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