I usually have a hard time coming up with titles for my articles but this one was written by our good friends at Feeding South Dakota. It was actually a statement about the fact that 1 in 5 children in South Dakota still experience hunger and all the detrimental side effects it produces. In other words having a normal childhood when you're constantly hungry isn't even close to reality.

Hungry children have problems concentrating and learning in school, may have behavioral issues and in general have a more difficult time functioning in society. Children matter greatly to Feeding South Dakota and that is why they have a number of different programs aimed at ending childhood hunger.

This month they are asking for our help to support the BackPack Program which provides nutritious, easy-to-prepare foods for children during weekends and holidays. A BackPack sponsorship costs $150 and ensures that one child has access to this kind of nutrition for an entire school year.

The goal of this November BackPack Program drive is to raise enough funds to cover the cost of 500 out of the 3,450 children's BackPacks needed. If you, your family, church group or any circle of friends you have, can help, or would be interested in knowing more, please contact Allison Struck, BackPack Program Coordinator, at 605-335-0364 ext.156, or check out Feeding South Dakota's website and Facebook page.