60 games have been played to get all classes into the semifinal round. Of those 60 games, only 13 would be considered close.

11AAA, 11AA, and 11A each send eight teams into the playoffs, while 11B, 9AA, 9A, and 9B send 16 teams each. No matter the class, the first round (for lower classes) and quarterfinals (for all classes) featured a ton of blowouts.

13 of the 60 games played ended with a margin of victory of 50+ points. The most a team has won a game by was 58. 47 games in total finished with the total score being by 20 points or more.

There wasn't a lot of close games that were played. 13 games finished with a point spread of 19 points or less. The smallest margin of victory was a three point win for Corsica-Stickney over Oldham-Ramona/Rutland in the 9B quarterfinal round.

Here's the complete breakdown of where the games finished in terms of margin of victory.

  • 50+ points = 13 games (highest 58 points = Colman-Egan over Lemmon/McIntosh)
  • 40-49 points = 9 games
  • 30-39 points = 15 games
  • 20-29 points = 10 games
  • 10-19 points = 7 games
  • 1-9 points = 6 games (lowest 3 points = Corsica-Stickney over Oldham-Ramona/Rutland)
  • Total = 60 games

Here's hoping that the semifinals across all classes leads to more interesting games.

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