Long holiday weekends can be a perfect opportunity to get in a little extra family time, but if a substantial amount of that time will be spent in the car with your kids, you may need some advice to help you all survive it.

Dr. Debi Gilboa, a physician, writer, speaker, media contributor, (Today Show, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, Yahoo Parenting) and mom of four boys has some common sense tips to make your next family road trip more bearable.

  • Get your kids involved in the planning - Let them pick out snacks, games and movies to download which they think will make the trip more interesting and enjoyable. It gives them the feeling of having a say in what happens on the trip, and this way, if they helped with the choices they can share in the blame if they're bored or dissatisfied.
  • Raise your expectations for a good experience and lower your expectations for perfection- Be optimistic about the trip as well as the destination but realize that perfection is an unreal goal to even aspire to when human beings are part of the equation.
  • Communication is the key to getting the behavior you want -  It is not a guarantee, but it really can make a difference. Tell your kids how long it will take to get where you're going, how often you're planning on stopping, decide where they'll be sitting before you hit the road, and home rules apply on the road, (no hitting, kicking, biting, bickering, etc.).

For more of Dr. G's great tips and information check out her website and good luck & safe travels!

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