I love buying Christmas presents, but I hate wrapping them! I have a huge Rubbermaid container full of holiday bags. I think wrapping presents looks better than putting them in a bag, but if you have a lot to wrap, your arms and legs get tired and you get sick and tired of losing the tape and scissors. About half way through the wrapping process, I'll start bagging.

As much as I hate wrapping presents, that did not make the list of of least favorite things about the holidays.

Redbox surveyed almost 1,200 people and asked them what is the best and worst part of the holiday season. Here are the results

Favorite holiday activities:

  • 31.3% - Exchanging gifts
  • 16% - Baking cookies
  • 13.4% - Sleeping in
  • 12.6% - Watching holiday movies

Least favorite holiday activities:

  • 33.1% - Shopping
  • 23.6% - Pretending to like unwanted gifts
  • 16.7% - Travleing

Favorite Christmas movie

  • A Christmas Story

Favocrite Holiday Movie Character

  • Clark Griswold

What is your favorite and least favorite holiday activity?  Tell us in the comments.

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