It was brand new. It was the latest in toy technology. And every kid wanted one.

It was Simon.

Introduced in 1978, Simon was the 'must have' toy at Christmas. But it was spendy, so there was going to be convincing mom and dad about this technical marvel. How spendy?

$24.95. And in 1978, that was real money!

But hey, it even had the word 'computer' on the box, so you knew it had to be the latest, the greatest, the absolute top-of-the-line. And besides, your friend was getting one, so you had to have one! And after enough begging and whining and cajoling, sure enough...Santa left one under the tree.

Every years it seems to be the one thing, the one thing more than anything else, that's the hot item. What was it when you were a kid? And what was it the year you were born? Well, find that out right, wait...'Simon Says' find out right here.

And Simon also says have a very Merry Christmas!

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