The first sign of ‘Charlie’ the rat was late October, when I found a hallowed out pumpkin that had been converted into a nest.

A large rat’s nest! It wouldn't be the only nest I would find over the next five months.

I’ve seen the droppings of mice before, and knew by what this critter was leaving behind had to be something bigger.

I got rid of the Halloween pumpkins he had turned into temporary homes. I also had to throw out an entire truck load of toys and other garage gear due to the rat turning the garage into a giant restroom.

I had multiple rat traps, glue traps, and anything recommended by anyone who has ever had a rat problem.

I never had physical evidence in any of the traps that he had been caught, but since I chucked his orange make-shift cottages I assumed he was gone.

He wasn’t.

I opened my garage door a couple weeks ago and saw the large gross grey freeloading fur ball cruise across the garage floor, and up under a storage shelf.

I was angry that he had obviously been flying under the radar, and decided it was time to permanently evict this destructive uninvited house guest.

I rocked the wooden shelf he was hiding under back and forth, but he was not coming out.

I decided to sacrifice the shelf so I could square off against ‘Charlie’ the garage destroying rat.

I pushed the shelf over and ‘Charlie’ went full NASCAR speed directly for the dog door he evidently had assumed was put in for him. He had escaped again.

His nest was a rats dream with Doritos piled high, next to half a rotisserie chicken, and a good sized pile of dog food. Oh yes, and since rats are really gross, he had used his nest as his bathroom as well.

He is skilled, he is elusive, he is gross, and he has overstayed his welcome.

I found someone online who is an expert in ridding spaces of these type of annoying creatures. The first week the trap he brought filled with peanut butter did the trick… kind of.

My garage rat set the trap off, and was not caught in it. Not only was he not trapped in the trap, but he ate the bait out of the trap.

It’s not the first time he has set the traps off, and ate the bait. He’s done it with the more than six rat traps, and multiple glue traps I’ve tried to catch him with.

At the writing of this story ‘Charlie the Rat ‘is still living the sweet life in my garage. So far his tab for his stay is over $300 and climbing.

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