My trip to see Hanson in Chicago is 31 days away. Not that I'm counting down or anything. In anticipation of the kick off of the tour, the guys in Hanson have been giving little snippets of what is to come.

Hanson's Roots and Rock & Roll tour is a two part experience. Night one is all cover songs of music that has inspired the guys, their favorites, etc. Night two is the full on Hanson music extravaganza.

"Remember The Time" by Michael Jackson is one of my favorites. I remember the first time I saw the video. Its set in Egypt and there are Pharaohs and snake charmers and dancers! And a ton of celebrity cameos, that I didn't fully understand until I was older. (Eddie Murphy, Iman, Magic Johnson)

Anyway, Michael has also inspired Hanson and they are covering his song for their show and their EP.

Check out Taylor laying down his part below. Skip to about the 2:00 mark to get to the good stuff.

I can't wait for the show!

Seriously two of my favorites. MJ and Hanson. So good.