The Great Plains Zoo is very proud of its facility that continues to be a must-stop for Sioux Falls visitors. One of the main attractions at the zoo is the brown bear exhibit. And one of the bears was not in its place on Tuesday.

According to zoo officials the bear was not where they wanted it to be. KSFY TV reports that the bear never entered a public area and guests were never in danger. But as a precaution, zoo staff helped move guests inside buildings. A Code-1 alert was issued and zoo employees quickly made sure all visitors were led to a safe place.

Great Plains Zoo President Elizabeth Whealy pointed out that an equipment flaw was likely to blame. She says the bear never left its containment.

A few years ago the zoo's annual fundraiser Jungle Jubilee Whealy announced the new Fortress of the Bears exhibit and it has been a big draw for visitors since opening in 2018.

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