South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard issued a statement that joins many other Governors nationwide in their concern about accepting refugees from Syria.

Daugaard cannot outright enact a ban on refugees as that is a federal matter. However in the wake of recent attacks, the Governor is apprehensive about terrorists who may take advantage of refugee programs.

In his weekly column, Daugaard says “I share the concerns for our national security. That is why I’m joining many other Governors in calling on the federal government to reexamine our process for background checks of refugee applicants seeking asylum and to reconsider whether the United States should continue to accept refugees at current levels.”

Daugaard believes that currently there are no Syrian refugees in South Dakota with no fresh arrivals on the horizon. Overall, the Governor wants to be confident that safeguards are in place to protect against terrorism while upholding the tradition of helping the tired and poor from other nations.

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