I'm addicted to Pinterest and I am one of the few that actually does make the things I pin or at least some of them. I found a Tshirt scarf that I had to try! It is really easy and you only need two items to make it!

I found some shirts that the tops had paint or stains on them and turned them into something useful again. Being green and fashionable!

Step 1. Take a T-shirt of your choice and cut just under the sleeves. Keep in mind if there is writing on it you will want to cut under the writing. The size of you shirt will determine how long your scarf is so if you want a small infinity scarf pick a small if you want a long one use a large or XL. An easy way to decide is to pick a shirt that is the size you wear or one size larger.











Step 2: Take your scissors and cut strips across the bottom. They don't have to be perfect. Smaller strips give you more fringe.









Step 3: After cutting strips along the bottom you are ready to wear.