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A MnDOT video captured the scary moment when a sliding car ran into the driver of a stranded vehicle, launching him airborne.

There's a reason law enforcement and safety officials in Minnesota say you should *always* stay in your vehicle if you're involved in a spinout or other crash that leaves you stranded along the side of a highway. Getting out of your car or truck can be dangerous!

This video can attest to that fact. BringMeTheNews says Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) cameras along I-694 and Rice Street in Shoreview in the north Twin Cities metro area caught this scary event earlier this week.

It begins with a car that has apparently been involved in a spinout and shows the driver walking alongside his vehicle in the snow along the should of the highway. Another car then slides right into the stranded vehicle, hitting the driver and sending him briefly into the air.

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Unbelievably, though, the driver appeared to be able to walk away from the harrowing incident, though BringMeTheNews says it's unknown if any injuries were reported. The scary video was posted on the MidWest Safety Twitter page. (Their page says they're 'not an official source,' but are 'volunteers promoting traffic safety & 1st responders.')

We all know that driving in the snow and ice during the winter here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes can be tricky, so it's always a good idea to refresh those basics we all experienced when we were learning to drive. And speaking of that, keep scrolling to see how cheap gas was the year you got your driver's license.

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