Concerns over the coronavirus has forced the Sioux Falls School District to cancel classes for the week of (March 16). As of now, classes are scheduled to resume again in Sioux Falls Public Schools on Monday (March 23).

Students in the school district were already scheduled to be off on Thursday and Friday (March 19 and 20). Now with mounting concerns over the coronavirus, the district elected to take precautionary measures by canceling classes on (March 16-18) as well.

The unexpected cancellation creates a number of different ramifications, one being, what to do to ensure the students that rely on school lunches each day, still get them during the closure period.

On Friday (March 13) the district took steps to quickly make sure the closure wouldn't become a problem by announcing it will make lunch available to all children for three days next week.

Dakota News Now is reporting that school lunch meals will be available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM.

The following schools will provide sack lunches for students to pick up and take home to eat.

  • Laura B. Anderson Elementary, at 1600 North Wayland Ave.
  • Hawthorne Elementary, at 601 North Spring Ave.
  • Hayward Elementary, at 400 North Valley View Road
  • Anne Sullivan Elementary, at 3701 East 3rd Street
  • Terry Redlin Elementary, 1721 East Austin Street
  • Lowell Elementary, 710 West 18th Street

According to Dakota News Now, the free lunches will be available to any child ages 1-18.

The district wants to remind everyone that only healthy people should pick up meals. Anyone who is not feeling well should stay home. 

Source: Dakota News Now

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