I love a good dance movie and in the year 2000, we were gifted with Center Stage. Center Stage was a movie about ballet dancers in NYC. These were young dancers with a dream.

Most of the dancers were brought to NYC and were experiencing the city for the first time. Some, however, were already seasoned dancers and dealing with other pressures.

The movie starred a then unknown Zoe Saldana as the tough talking ballerina that smoked and played by her own rules.

Peter Gallagher and his eyebrows played the boss man of the dance company who had to call the shots.

And basically, everyone else you've never heard of, but it made sense for this movie. They got dancers who could kind of act instead of actors who could kind of dance. Honestly, most dance movies don't have the best actors and neither does Center Stage, but it's definitely better acting wise than any of the You Got Served movies or Honey.

There is a love triangle between a hot shot male dancer, with a motorcycle, who has been on the scene for awhile and a new dancer boy. They both pine after the young awkward dancer who has the heart, but not the feet. She falls for the playboy and gets her heart broken, but she still dances her ass off and gets the good guy in the end! (Spoiler Alert)

Plus, the best thing about a dance movie is the final dance performance. It is always the most epic performance and Center Stage did not disappoint. Even though it's ballet, it was contemporary and used great music including Michael Jackson and Jamiroquai. It's so good! Plus, there is one epic costume change!

It's kind of long, but so good. Check it out!

Center Stage spawned a couple straight to DVD sequels. They were OK. They're on cable sometimes.

Another great thing about dance movies is the soundtrack! Center Stage had a great soundtrack. I mean, it wasn't Dirty Dancing or Footloose, but it gave us this great Mandy Moore tune. It even stars cute Charlie from the movie.


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