According to Dakota News Now, High School students haven't been thinking about financial aid for their secondary education this spring.

High School Seniors usually during the spring term begin applying for financial aid in hopes of starting college or tech school in the fall. But with the pandemic, the amount of seniors who have applied for finacial aid has plummeted and remains lower than last year's data.

The number of FASFAs that have been completed this year is down 45% compared to the same time last year in 2019 in low-income schools.

"Schools blame the drop-off on the pandemic, saying many students lost touch with counselors or took jobs to support their families. The decline has stoked fears that thousands of students may be opting to delay or forgo college" -Dakota News Now.

I personally hope that we see the next class and generation go on to complete their secondary education but during these difficult times expenses such as college can be set on the back burner.

Although with the potential second stimulus check that may be passed in either late July or early August it might include college students receiving a stimulus payment. You can read more about the topic of a second stimulus check by clicking HERE.

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