It was just a normal Memorial holiday weekend as Sioux Falls police conducted a saturation patrol on Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

Nine extra officers were deployed to catch people who ran afoul of the law. Officer Sam Clemens felt the results of the extra effort were probably not far from the average.

“Looking at these numbers, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. They all seem to be pretty consistent. I would guess that in the past it’s been pretty close to the same.”

Among the 92 different citations, there were 5 DWI arrests, 15 speeding tickets, 10 seat belt violations and 12 no insurance citations. Clemens said the officers were in 18 different complaint zones prone to having problems.

“This is another example of why we do these and why we will continue to do them. We’re still finding a lot of impaired drivers out there and a lot of people who aren’t obeying the traffic laws.”

The Sioux Falls Police saturation patrol wasn’t the only extra enforcement over the holiday weekend. Friday a collaborative effort between South Dakota and Minnesota’s Highway Patrols closely watched Interstate 90 from Wyoming to Wisconsin.

Preliminary reports from the South Dakota Department of Public Safety show that it was the first fatality-free weekend in the state since 2013.

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