In a building downtown that used to host designer gowns by Hugo now will hold works of local art. I had a chance to get a tour and talk to one of the directors, Tony Axtell to find out what all the buzz is about.

Exposure, a new project that is kicking off in downtown Sioux Falls is a shared community space for local artists. It's a gallery and work space for artist to have a place they can call home. This venture is NON-PROFIT and is being funded through the Sioux Falls Arts Council. Projects that have started out just like "Exposure" have been the Washington Pavilion and the Sculpture Walk.

It is a 3500 square foot building that will have everything an artist or photographer will need. From backgrounds to editing bays it will be home to 10 resident photographers and 5 artist at one time. They will have to pay a small rent that will go back into the studio. It will also have state of the art lights for photographers along with props and backgrounds.

Exposure will host weekly and monthly workshops from Photography 101 to kids art classes (which I'm excited to take my kids to).

There will be an art gallery there where people can purchase local art and the artists will profit. About once a month you will be able to go to an art show there and see all the beauty that the artists have made. Plus, they will feature local music acts as well during the shows.

I love taking pictures and would be considered a hobbyist in the photography world. So someone like me could rent out the space and even pay a small fee to rent equipment. Most photographers or hobbyist such as myself can't afford to buy all the extra equipment and backgrounds so now we don't have to.

Another unique feature to Exposure will be the bathroom. Artists will be able to come there and paint murals in the bathroom whenever they want. There will always be something new and different. There will also be a mural put up monthly featuring a local artist. The one that is featured right now is by a spray paint artist, Jason Talley.

They will have the availability for you to pick from their resident photographers to get the type shoot and style you are after. Beginning in February you can start booking times and sessions there. If you are interested in booking or being one of the artists call 605-929-2202.

I asked one of the directors of Exposure, Tony Axtell about how the community can chip in. He said that people can make donation for Exposure straight through the Sioux Falls Art Council and you can get a Tax Donation as well. Other directors for Exposure are Christopher Reistroffer, from Reistroffer Design and Tim Hoheisel from the Sioux Falls Art Council. Tony Axtell is with Empire Productions.

It's very exciting to see more art in Sioux Falls and better yet, from local artists. This project is over due in our area. We have so much talent here and now they will have a place to showcase it.