Tour Sioux Falls is more than just pedaling around town on Saturday (June 24). It’s an effort that also looks to expand the imprint that bicycling can make.

It’s a jewel of the Sioux Falls community and the event is a way to showcase the bike trail system. Chris Parsley of Falls Area Bicyclists says Tour Sioux Falls will also be of benefit for a group called the Falls Area Single Track.

“For those that are into mountain biking, there’s a single track park at Leaders Park which is north of 6th Street and west of I-229. That group has to move branches and build structures for people to ride on.”

Parsley says the two groups are independent of each other, but both share a love of cycling. “(Falls Area Single Track) is a group of guys who went to the city and got their blessing to (build these trails at Leaders Park). When the proposal to make changes at Yankton Trail Park came up, they went to the city again and proposed to build more trails. Tour Sioux Falls is a mechanism that’s going to allow us to support them.

“The second thing that we’re doing with the money is the Center of Hope. They help people who have made bad choices in their life and are trying to get back on their feet. Specifically they have a bicycle ministry program that (provides transportation) for those who can’t drive. The Center of Hope facilitates that by charging $10-$15 for these bicycles. Some bikes are donated to the Center of Hope and some need some attention before they are ready. Last year they gave out over 800 bicycles.”

Registration for the event begins at 8:30 AM with two different rides available. One is a 40-mile road ride and the other is a trail ride. You can read more about it here or at Falls Area Bicyclists.

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