A bill signed into law by Governor Dennis Daugaard was designed to bring more ethics oversight to State Government.  House Bill 1076 is intended to replace a portion of the repealed ethics reform measure voted in by South Dakotans last November.

The law establishes a state Government accountability board, comprised of four retired judges, who will be appointed by the Governor.  Once an issue is brought forward to the board through direct contact or a whistle blower program, reviews and investigations could be launched into a state public official or employee regarding the concern of misconduct, including the use of funds, bribery, or conflict of interest.

The bill’s main sponsor Representative Karen Soli of Sioux Falls was applauded for working across party lines.  She says the board is a benefit for South Dakotans and it will be effective.

Attorney General Marty Jackley says the accountability board is a proactive way to address unscrupulous activity:

Friday March 10 was the last day of the regular legislative session.  One final day is scheduled in a few weeks to handle any bills vetoed by the Governor.

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