June 21, 1977 was a big day, not only in Rapid City, but in the entire state of South Dakota. Elvis Presley was coming.

The brand spanking new Rushmore Plaza Civic Center was set to open in Rapid City, and what better way to celebrate than to have the King of Rock and Roll there for the opening concert?

I didn't go to that show (Darn it!). I was working in Winner, S.D. at the time and a lady who worked at the radio station did go. She was a few years older than me and was one of the biggest Elvis fans in the world! Her husband took her and it was a day or two later that I talked to her at the station.

'So, how was it?', I asked, already knowing the answer.

'He hasn't changed a bit!' came her response, 'He was just as beautiful as ever!'.

Well, while some may debate that statement, she had the absolute time of her life at that show....as did the thousands of others who were there that night.

It was one of Elvis' final shows. As we all know. Elvis died in August of that year at the much too young age of 42.

The video above is a great piece of Elvis history (or trivia, depending on your point of view). Rapid City Mayor Art LeCroix presents a plaque to Elvis (I wonder how many of those he received in his lifetime?) and there's a very special little visitor as well.

Then it's off to the stage and a performance that anyone who was there will never forget.

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