As Sioux Falls continues to expand, the city’s infrastructure needs to keep pace. On the west side, Ellis Road has become pivotal north-south route.

The City of Sioux Falls Engineering Department held a news conference to announce some upgrades to the intersection of 26th Street and Ellis Road. During heavy traffic periods, cars can spend significant time waiting to pass through.

Currently the junction is pretty tight. East and westbound traffic have it slightly better with one lane set aside for through traffic, one left turn lane and no right turning lane. For now traffic can flow in both directions going east and west through the signal cycle.

North and southbound traffic do not have any turning lanes making movement more limited. That means the signal will only allow traffic in one direction going north and south. Drivers must wait patiently as about 12,000 vehicles pass through the intersection each day.

Starting in July and finishing in August, north and southbound left-turn lanes will be installed allowing the eventual flow in both directions through the cycle. Pedestrians will also notice the change as crossing areas, sidewalks and signals for walkers are coming to the crossroads.

The City will also add a special material to the surface from 12th Street to 41st Street along Ellis Road to extend the life of the road. Asphalt mastic is being used to level the surface and to fill cracks.

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