A Sioux Falls store that catered to pregnant women, and parents with new-born children is about to close its doors.

KSFY TV is reporting that Elegant Mommy plans to close their retail space by the end of September.

In an interview with Jodi Schwan from SiouxFalls.Business, Elegant Mommy owner Shelly Gaddis said she opened the maternity business nearly a decade ago at 207 West 37th Street in Sioux Falls. Gaddis told Jodi, she felt compelled to help moms and build a community to support them in parenting.

According to Gaddis, “That was the goal, and we accomplished that. As the store became more profitable and had bigger sales goals, the business of running the store has gotten in the way of my mission of helping and supporting moms.”

SiouxFalls.Business reports that once Elegant Mommy closes, Gaddis plans on taking even more time to focus on her own family. One of her own four children is starting high school this year.

Gaddis also plans to continue working directly with new parents once the retail end of the business officially closes up shop.

Educated Mommy, a non-profit aspect of Elegant Mommy that she helped to co-found, will carry on. She told SiouxFalls.Business her new plan includes focusing on things like teaching new parents skills such as proper use of a car seat. Gaddis has also been through lactation training but hasn’t had much time to teach classes or run support groups.

You can check out the complete Elegant Mommy story in SiouxFalls.Business.

Source: KSFY TV/SiouxFalls.Business

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