I'm always impressed by people who have the ability to take a talent, and focus that creative outlet putting it to good use.

After getting to know a friend of mine over the years I know he is such a humble human being he would prefer to stay out of the spotlight, but it's not bragging if I do it for him.

The first time I saw him play guitar it took only a few seconds to realize this guy has something special.

I am even more impressed when people with talent, use the talent to elevate other people, to bring people together, and to help people out.

He founded the Electric Christmas project out of his love for Christmas music, and his ability to bring together a group of artists, and produce a body of work

This fourth collective effort of Electric Christmas creative collaborations brings together all sorts of talent, and takes on Christmas favorites. Proceeds from the album will help people in need.

To hear samples, take a look at the lineup, see past albums, or to order a copy click on the Electric Christmas Website or go to their Facebook Page here.

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