We are living in the world of the great inventors. It's actually the world of the newest high tech thing.

Well here's the latest Now you can feel like you are in the movie you're watching: And I'm not just talking the funky 3D glasses.

Just in time for "Avengers: Endgame," there's a new way to experience movies. Cineworld Group has developed “4DX” technology, in which moviegoers are immersed into the movie, with motion-synchronized seats that move and vibrate to complement the action onscreen.

There are also special effects like wind, fog, rain, lightning and even snow. Currently, there are more than 600 locations around the world where you can see a movie in 4DX. I'm not so sure I want the lightning experience!

Of course, it’ll cost you around $12.00 over and above the cost of a regular movie ticket. But it’s still a lot cheaper than a trip to Disney World!

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