You wont like me when I'm HANGRY!! Do you turn into a different animal when you run low on food? Maybe it's your folks fault.

Don't get hungry, angry, lonely, or tired that was the advice given to me years ago when trying to make a decision.

I wasn't necessarily worried about the lonely or tired part, but I noticed I can become a completely different person when I'm hungry or hangry.

From a story in Business Insider:

DNA-testing company 23andMe asked 100,000 people if they get “hangry,” the phenomenon in which you get irritable or angry when you are feeling hungry.
Based on the responses as well as the peoples’ genetic data, 23andMe pinpointed two genetic variants associated with “hanger.”
Genes have more to do with personality than how our body processes food, a result that surprised the researchers.

To read the entire Business Insider story click here.

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