A Minnehaha County sheriff's deputy was forced to a shoot a 44-year-old disorderly man Tuesday afternoon at the Minnehaha County Jail after the man charged a group of officers with a knife.

KSFY TV is reporting the incident happened around 3 PM Tuesday, (May 21) after the suspect in question entered the Minnehaha County Jail lobby with a glass object. According to the report, the suspect walked up to the front desk of the jail and approached the officer on duty in the main lobby.

KSFY reports the man began to hit the glass door in the lobby with the object. Jail staff responded, and attempted to keep the glass door shut. In the process, the door shattered and injured one of the officers.

The subject then fled to the jail parking lot. Once in the parking lot, the suspect brandished a knife and confronted a group of officers. Officers told the suspect to drop the knife on repeated occasions. The man then charged a Minnehaha County Deputy with the knife. The deputy responded by firing two shots at the suspect, hitting the man with at least one shot and stopping him.

Officers provided medical assistance until the suspect was transported to a Sioux Falls hospital for treatment. The extent of his injuries are still not known at this time.

Police told KSFY that one deputy also sustained minor injuries as a result of the broken glass from the door in the main lobby of the Minnehaha County Jail.

The officer-involved shooting is now being looked into by the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation. They plan to release a report within 30 days.

Source: KSFY TV

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