You may remember the iconic photos of the Dust Bowl events during the “Dirty Thirties”. It appears South Dakota can lay claim to some modern era pictures as history ventures that direction.

During the weekend, strong winds in excess of 45 miles per hour coupled with exposed soil in Hand County near Miller picked up a lot of dirt and caused what the South Dakota Highway Patrol called “blackout conditions.”

It was aptly stated in the Patrol’s Facebook post that not long ago, a blizzard caused widespread whiteout conditions. This particular incident was certainly unexpected and prompted its own set of problems as vehicles struggled to stay on the road because of the severe wind and a bit of disorientation. Take a look at the post below.

What makes this situation a little more unique is the latest drought monitor shows that it’s not exactly dry in that part of the state. Eighty years ago the wind whipped around extremely dry soil to cause the lion’s share of those dust storms, plus farming practices have changed over time in order to prevent this situation.

It’s just a plea for mercy from Nature’s God which has a whole lot more power than can be amassed through human means.

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