One voicemail has garnered a lot of attention in Sioux Falls in the last few days and some say it has set a new low regarding the campaign for the city's next Mayor.

Jolene Loetscher claims a voicemail from Paul Ten Haken was threatening in nature. Now that the audio has been released, you can hear Ten Haken's words and tone of voice to decide for yourself as to the nature of the call.

Loetscher released statement on Wednesday (April 25). "Over the last three days there has been much conversation about a voicemail I received from Paul Ten Haken, a portion of which he discussed during our candidate forum on Monday," said Loetscher. "Following my conversation with law enforcement this morning, they agreed we can now release the voicemail in its entirety. We have built this campaign around trust and integrity, honoring the work of law enforcement is part of that and what we’ve done in waiting to release the entire voicemail until today."

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