It was movie night on DWTS last night and there was definitely some comedy and drama in the ballroom.

Kevin Hart served as guest judge for an absent Len Goodman. He brought some humor that is for sure.

Usually, the guest judges that don't have anything to do with dancing annoy me, but Kevin Hart is so darn likable that I was ok with it.

Now to the dancing!

Even though it was a great night of performances and it was hard to pick an absolute favorite, I'm going to narrow it down to three.

Val and Janel did a jazz number to 'America' from 'West Side Story.' In the package of their rehearsal they were warned not to make it too similar to the movie because of copyright and plagiarism and all that stuff so they had to go back to the drawing board. It was awesome!

'America' is my favorite song from 'West Side Story.' I know that musical is filled with love songs and Tony and Maria should be the focal point, but I always thought 'America' was the real show stealer. It was in the movie and it was last night!

That performance, by the way, got a perfect score in week 3! Unheard of!

Tommy Chong had to follow that performance! The perfect scored, standing ovation performance! Did he seem phased? No. He was calm as a cucumber!

He did a tango inspired by 'Scent of A Woman' and it was great! He continues to surprise and delight! He had feet flicks and ticks and he was on point! For an older gent he is spry!

They said in their post interview that that performance was first time Tommy got through the whole thing start to finish. Guy knows when to make it work!

And lastly, is Bethany and Derek. They had the enormous pressure of paying tribute to 'Singing in the Rain!' It is only one of the most iconic musicals and dance scenes in the world! No pressure.

The prop work with the umbrellas was on point and it rained in the ballroom and it was great! They got a perfect score as well!

Sadly, Randy Cotoure was sent packing.

Next week, I think it is time for Michael Waltrip to go. He's charming and funny, but he's not a great dancer.

And here is a little extra moment that was a favorite of mine featuring guest judge, Kevin Hart and Josh God.



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